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These Webpages is using so called "Cookies". Cookies will not damage your Computer and contain no Viruses. Cookies are used to extend your User-Expericence an make the pages more User-Friendly, increase the efficence and make the pages at all more safer. Cookies are small Textfiles stored on your Computer and saved by your Webbrowser. Most of our Cookies are "Session-Cookies" which will be deleted after your visit automatically. Other Cookies will be stored at your device until you delete them by yourself. Cookies will allow us to identify your Browser at your next visit. You can set your Browser to the Option to announce that a Cookie will be stored or you can supress storage of Cookies for specific cases or at all. Also you can set your Browser to delete stored Cookies automatically by closing the Programm. If you disable Cookies at all it could be that the Webpage is not fully functional.



Data Privacy Statement for the use of PIWIK

Thes Webpages uses the OpenSource Webanalytics-Service of PIWIK ( PIWIK uses so called "Cookies", small Textfiles stored on your Device and which allow us to track your Visit on our Pages. To realize this the Informations send by the Cookie will be stored on - our - Server. The IP-Address will anonymisized before storing in our Database. In no case the Informations provided by the Tracking-Cookie will be hand to Third-Parties. You can set your Browser to deny the storage of Cookies, in this case we cannot guarantee the full functionality of the Webpage. If you are not agree with the storage and analytic of your Data by our tracking-System, you can deactivate it - here -. Using this option a so called "OptOut-Cookie" will be stored at your device which tells our Tracking-System not to store any of your Session-Datas. If your Browser is set to delete Cookies after the Session the OptOut-Cookie will be deleted also. in that Case you have to set the OptOut again with your next Visit. You can see your current Tracking-Status - here -.