Solvent-based ink wash for manual usage “on-press-cleaning”. Press Wash is a solvent blend that can be used to remove most screen process ink from screens, squeegees, printing tables etc. It has a mild odour, does not contain halogenated hydrocarbons, and will not affect most capillary films and direct emulsions.





A non hazardous water dilutable ink wash for solvent based inks, UV inks, plastisols and water-based inks for manual use or use in automatic cleaning units. Cleanmatic MF-12-2 can be diluted up to 4 times with water when used for the removal of plastisol or UV inks. Mixed with Stripmatic CF, a non hazardous stencil remover concentrate for manual use or use in automatic cleaning units, it removes ink and emulsion in one step.

SV 8

An universally applicable screen cleaner for the removal of commonly use non-hardened inks from the screen mesh. Especially for the use in in-line cleaning units. SV 8 is biodegradable, very mild in odour, has a high flash point and can be used for a very long time in the cleaning bath. Among others SV 8 is especially suitable for cleaning UV and solvent based inks, as well as plastisols.




SV 61

A solvent-based washup solution formulated for use in automated screen cleaning equipment. It is effective in removing paper, UV, glass, plastisol, solvent based and ceramic inks. SV 61 can be used under vacuum and is also suitable for manual usage.