A viscous, alkaline screen cleaner utilizing biodegradable solvents. It is intended to be used after normal stencil decoating to remove any ink ghost images. It can also be used as an activator with oxidizing agents (such as Ulano Ghost Remover Advance) to remove emulsion residues. Actighost Rapid Gel is virtually odor free and has a high flash point. Its high viscosity facilitates its use on coarse mesh and its application to fabric using a coating trough or brush. In normal use, Actighost Rapid Gel is sufficiently diluted with water so that it can be flushed harmlessly down the drain and into biological sewage treatment facilities.





Ghost Remover Advance is formulated for the effective removal of ink haze, ghost images, and fabric stains - especially those caused by diazo sensitizers. There are no dwell time restrictions for Ghost Remover Advance on polyester fabric. On nylon or stainless steel fabric, however, the dwell time should not exceed 1 hour. Stainless steel that has been cleaned or treated with other screen chemicals may have been damaged, so that the dwell time of Ghost Remover Advance may need to be reduced. The viscosity of Ghost Remover Advance is helpful on coarse fabric, where it can continue to react during extended dwell times.





Alkaline cleaning paste for universal use in screen printing. Especially suitable in combination with an organic-solvent for the removal of ghost images, ink and photoemulsion residues. Ghost Remover Paste can also be used as roughening agent for new aluminum frames which have not been sandblasted.