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General Terms of Business  
(version as of: 18th June 2013)ULANO Division of Kissel + Wolf GmbH In den Ziegelwiesen 6 69168 Wiesloch Germany  
- 2. Product information  
2. Product information Product information indicated in catalogues and other informational material shall only be deemed approximate and is subject to technical amendments. Specific characteristics thus cannot be assured based on this information. Illustrations used are exemplary and shall be...  
- 15. Written form  
15. Written form Agreements must be made in writing.  
- 16. Applicable law  
16. Applicable law German law applies with the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.  
- 17. Place of fulfilment and jurisdiction  
17. Place of fulfilment and jurisdiction Place of fulfilment and jurisdiction is Wiesloch. We also reserve the right to take legal action at the purchaser's place of jurisdiction.  
- 14. Liability  
14. Liability We are liable to the extent of legal regulations only. Claims for damages against us, our sub-contractors and vicarious agents are excepted regardless of the legal basis, even in the case of consequential damage, unless the claims are based on intent or gross negligence.  
- 13. Application advice  
13. Application advice We provide application advice to the best of our knowledge based on our research and experience. All details and information about the product's suitability and application do not exempt the purchaser from performing own checks and tests regarding the product's...  
- 12. Warranty  
12. Warranty For defects or incorrect delivery of options of our goods reported to us within the permitted time periods (clause 11), we provide warranty, excluding further claims, by replacing chemicals and repairing or exchanging machines at our discretion, provided that the reproval is ...  
- 11. Inspection, reproval  
11. Inspection, reproval The goods delivered shall be inspected immediately on arrival for completeness and defects. In the case of chemicals, these should be tested; in the case of machines, these should switched on and tested. Defects or incorrect delivery of options must be reported to us in...  
- 10. Transfer of risks  
10. Transfer of risks The risks of the goods to be delivered are transferred to the purchaser upon loading of the goods onto the means of transport at our factory.  
- General Sales, Delivery and Payment Conditions  
General Sales, Delivery and Payment Conditions  
- 9. Delivery obligation  
9. Delivery obligation Our delivery obligation is not applicable for the period that the purchaser is in arrears in payments to us, regardless of the transaction from which these arrears arise.  
- 1. Scope of application  
1. Scope of application We (ULANO as a Division of Kissel+Wolf GmbH) provide quotations, effect sales and deliveries according to the following conditions only; insofar as the contractual partners do not expressly agree on other conditions in writing. Legal regulations also apply. The current...  
- 5. Legal validity of this disclaimer  
5. Legal validity of this disclaimer This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the internet publication from whichyou were referred. If any of the terms and conditions should be determined invalid by reason of the relevant laws then the remaining terms and conditions shall remain in full...  
Search results 76 until 90 of 173