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- LX-892  
LX-892LX-892 is used for the production of high-quality, water and solvent resistant screens for ceramics direct and textile printing stencils. The print run resistance can considerably be increased by chemical hardening with ULANO HARDENER. Before hardening, LX-892 is decoatable with ULANO...  
PROCLAIMProclaim is a diazo sensitized, high quality, all-purpose dual-cure emulsion with total resistance to all solvent based and UV inks. It is very suitable for high quality graphics and industrial printing and for all general purpose, graphic and industrial applications. Resolution and edge...  
- LX-680  
LX-680High quality, high solids dual-cure emulsion with excellent resistance to all solvent based and UV inks. LX-680 is very suitable for high quality Latitude, resolution and edge definition are excellent, which makes it ideal for fine line and half tone printing. Provides superior print...  
- LX-660 RED + BLUE  
LX-660 RED + BLUELX-660 is a versatile and durable diazo-photopolymer (dual-cure) emulsion with superior resistance to water-based ink systems, as well as many solvent- based inks. It is suitable for virtually all general purpose graphics and industrial applications. LX-660 is red. Also available...  
- DP-800 BLUE  
DP-800 BLUEBlue version of DP-800 with revolutionary RD Sensitizing Technology.  
- DP-450  
DP-450One-component photopolymer emulsion for textile printing. DP-450 is pre-sensitized and formulated to resist both aqueous and plastisol inks for the printing of imprinted sportswear and textiles. Red in colour.  
- DP-800  
DP-800DP-800, using RD Sensitizing Technology, is a diazo-free, ready-to-use dual-cure emulsion modeled after Ulano‚Äôs LX-660. It does not require sensitizing: no mixing of diazo powder with water, no stirring of diazo solution into the emulsion, and no waiting time for de-bubbling. DP-800 is...  
DOUBLE DUTYDouble Duty is an olive-grey, highly durable dual-cure emulsion formulated for use with industrial etchants, and with abrasive, frit-containing inks for ceramics and glass. Because of its mechanical durability, Double Duty is also well suited to lengthy textile printing runs using...  
DOUBLE DUTY BLUEBlue version of highly durable Double Duty emulsion.  
- DLX  
DLXDLX is formulated to reduce the acrylate odor and eliminate the surface oiliness that are characteristic of most dual-cure emulsions, especially under hot and humid conditions. As a result, positives are less likely to stick to the emulsion surface. Because of its high solids content, DLX dries...  
- 731  
731731 is an all-purpose diazo-sensitized direct emulsion for making totally solvent-resistant stencils for use in graphics, industrial, and textile applications. As 731 is fast-exposing, it is ideal for low-intensity light sources. 731 can be used under hot and humid conditions. It reclaims...  
PROCLAIM ECProclaim EC, using RD Sensitizing Technology is a diazo-free, ready-to-use dual-cure emulsion. It does not require the mixing of a diazo powder with water, the stirring of diazo solution into the emulsion, or any waiting time for de-bubbling. Proclaim EC is formulated to provide...  
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Search results 16 until 30 of 173